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Located in the Southwest of Penang island, Balik Pulau literally means “back of the island”, The laid back agriculture district is famous for it’s

durian , nutmeg, coconut, banana, and many others fruits and spices. This countryside of Penang has a lot more to offers , there’re dozens of rustic Malay village awaits to discover, traditional fishing village resembling the yesteryear Penang, rich flora and fauna, serene paddy field, miles of orchard in this backyard of the island, and many more...

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Away from it’s row’s of old shop houses in the town main streets there is a vast system of small streets, alleyways, and footpaths. The Explore Balik Pulau Countryside Cycling tours will brings you to explore green paddy field, fruits orchard, plantation, farms, fishing villages, and many others rustic Malaysian scenery in the West of Penang island. Our tours are suitable for all fitness levels and offer you an amazing look at the beauty of Penang Countryside.

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